About Us


Somerset Corp traces its history back to 1985 as a Coca-Cola fountain syrup supplier. The company, family owned and operated since its founding by Lawrence Spitz expanded its lineup to include a full listing of concession foods, supplies, and machines. Popcorn, cotton candy, snokones – if it’s fun to eat then you can get it from Somerset Corp.

Whether you're a thousand employee company or a one-man show we will be your partners in delivering quality to your customers.Between supplying party rental and entertainment companies, theaters and restaurants, as well as carnivals throughout the Northeast, Somerset has grown into a concessions supplier mainstay in the industry.

But the company didn’t stop there. As the nutritional climate and outlook of the country began shifting towards healthier foods so too did Somerset. However, the company needed a way to embrace the health change without alienating its loyal concession base, and so Childcare Food was born.

As America’s schools became focused on the allergen and nutritional needs of our children Childcare Food stepped in to supply the daycares, afterschool programs, and child development centers in the NY-NJ-Eastern PA area affordable foods to cater to their evolving customer base. In addition to foods and 100% juice concentrates, Childcare Food offers a full line of paper and janitorial products, making it an easy one-stop shop for daycares across this region.

Somerset and Child Care Food are committed to providing the best quality food, service, and product to our customers day in and day out.

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